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Facebook has changed into one of the hottest social media website on the planet. It is a gathering spot, to attach with your friends buddies and with your friends. Facebook allows you to create new contacts who share a common awareness, expanding your own personal system. Furthermore, communities organized by city, workplace, school, and place can be joined by users. Facebook is very awesome, but it is not even close to perfect. More often than once, I've heard claims about some of the technological aspects of Facebook.
Sadly, Facebook is not open -sourced, therefore people can't change anything themselves - or may they? By utilizing simple pieces of Javascript code, or by applying Firefox Greasemonkey userscripts, consumers can change the appearance and processes of Facebook themselves. Learn tune something useful, or how to hack on Facebook accounts for fun. Trust me, it really is all in the hands. Before that there are 2 items that you'll need to do. The very first thing is to install Firefox. look at this website - comment pirater un compte facebook
After that install Greasemonkey. Automated Login: this could be the device as possible looking for should you feel lazy to type in your own personal info everytime. By adding this you can save you will be recorded in to your account/report automatically & your time up! Account/Page Colour modification: Feel free to modify the colour that you want & incorporate it to your account /profile Facebook Account Javascript Hacks In these hacks that are subsequent we'll be using simple Javascript to toy around with Facebook. Observe that we're not going to hack into something of the like, or Facebook accounts. Many of these ‘hacks' are temporary and will disappear once you renew the site. Additionally they won't invisible to customers on other computers. So why are we doing it? - as itis fun! These Javascript clips, which we will offer below, only need to be pasted in to the address bar. Hit enter, et voila! Changing Page Color the color of your Facebook bar wills adjust to your color of preference. Simply stick the following rule in your handle bar and hit enter. You are able to substitute ‘red' with any shade you would like white, - black, green if not orrange. If you would like to reverse press Ctrl+F5 to get a challenging reload of the Pageview Chat Record with Traditional Friends, the consequence Unfortunately, you can't normally see the chat heritage of online friends. If you should be trying to remember something that was explained, for them to return online waiting is one heck of the trouble. Alternatively, you can only use this - - Javascript hack that is quite useful. First of all, we must get your buddy's Facebook identification. While you visit his site ultimately (through your buddies list or using the search engine), you'll be able to view it like a variety within the address bar. Other Javascript hacks The previous two hacks are undoubtedly probably the types that are most impressive or useful. Listed here are a number of the additional tricks you can pull-off by utilizing Javascript. Simply because they're all things you can certainly do personally aswell we are not likely to strong on this. Change chat status to invisible: [removed]statusControl.sendVisibility(false); Change chat status to visible: [removed]statusControl.sendVisibility(true); Close all chat windows with person 1122334455: [removed]chatDisplay.tabs[1122334455].tabXOnClick(); Open application tab: [removed]applicationDock.toggleTab(); Bring up notifications: [removed]presence.toggleTab('chat_status_control','chat_status_control_tab'); Bring up friends list: [removed]buddyList.toggleTab();